Friday, February 18, 2011

Addiction 1

I am currently in love playing Godswar!!!! Addicted? I guess so.. The character is cute, and the game concept is wonderful.Godswar is a type of MMORPG, massive multiplayer online role player game. It means, lots of people plays it, it is online in real time, and it is a role playing game, which mean you play a role in building the character as however you want. Yeah, I kinda like it. I introduce to you, my character.

Introduce to you, Cucumber. This image was taken from Godswar game. All rights are theirs.
Hahaha Note the pumpkin head. One of the thing that characters sell. I bought it, from a Mythcrafter obviously because they are the profession that can make this outfit. It last only a day thought. Hahaha. Love the weirdness.

This game's storyline and characters are based on the Greek mythology. So, for those who like to kills, train the brain with strategically planned team, can play this. The monsters are hard to kill, so that is definitely makes you addict. Its free, as there are these maller, that bought items using real money. Come, join us.

At first, I play this game from Facebook server. But because of certain problems, come from me, nothing to do with server or what, I made up my mind to play from the real client. It is more satisfying for me. Moreover, the experience from the Facebook server really helps me create more systematic and better character here.

Anyway, I come from server Valentine (ridiculous name bcoz no connection with Greeks, I know),  and I am of Spartan Polis. C'yA!!!

Highly recommended.