Thursday, August 6, 2009

new art...

morning!!!this is the new art i just make.....i use photoshop...i know it looks kinda weird, and likely less artistic, but i want to share it anyway.... ;)

the title is Light In The Dark....more to come!!!! 'terima kasih'

this is the original art before i make some artistic adjustment, i named it Before The Light in The Dark...haha

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


i only have good broadband line after midnight, thus here i am, blogging...i started to like to write here though....because it feels

yesterday, (a few hours before i write this, hehe), i went to one borneo, and i went to sushi king..ah~~~ how i want to eat the scallop soup...yes... will go again, to another japanese restaurant, and devour myself in the soup...ha~~~~~~....i miss the soup.....

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

tonight. . .

tonight, i feel kind of somewhat sad...i donno what i've one tell me whats wrong...somehow i feel that person that i look as friend abandon me, forget me, and dont want to remember me. i know it is not right, but as a merely human, what i think is; i see u as a friend, i treat u as i would like to treat u as a friend, and i hope you treat me as a friend, after all those things i did for you as a friend. being a friend for u is hard enough, but why cant u be a fren for me??even though i wont be around when u ask me to have fun in a group, but that thinking that u asked shows that u still treat me as friend...that is all i ask, as a friend..yeah, now i feel forgotten, and one day, i know, that memories of me will disappear. it sounds selfish, but i really hope my friends remember me, as i remember them and keep them in my heart. i also want them to remember me in their heart, and be best friend forever, and not seek me when in vain only, but include me in happy times. but if they forget me, it may be the best thing also, to leave a place, where there certainly would be no memory of me, because i dont want, i choose to, to leave a place where i dont feel like home....

Monday, August 3, 2009


no one important is reading my blog.. Uh~ im dead bored n i feel quite tired,im sleepy,n dissapointd..i try to get a help frm my fren,but i ask from the wrong laptop suddenly turned off when i surf,and i cudnt turned it on back as the cabel get crazy,again..i woke up late,n cme to class omoz nine..i hate my life when i cnnt handle purpose..i hv my purpose,but im not brave enuf to go for it..i hate it that way..