Monday, January 10, 2011

mY gUitaR

Tonight's topic is, mY gUiTar...

I don't remember when i bought this guitar, but I know the brand, it is Ibanez, model V50NJP (wish i bought the black one, it looks shiny, but i think i can adjust the looks of my guitar when i have more money). I bought it just after i got my pay from Boulevard Hypermall. The Price? This young wood cost me RM475. Worth it? I don't know, but for me, I think it works just the way a good guitar should be. Nice music come out from it. At least, the sound I make sounds better than when I buy a cheaper brand. Here is my guitar. And oh, all these picture is from my newley bought Blue Canon Powershoot A495, bought on 6 Jan 2011. Yeah , I know I wasted lot of money, but hey, money can be earn.

The body.

The head of my guitar

The whole thing, with the bed. (^^,)
The string and the neck.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Journey to uncertainties.

It has been a long time since I am not blogging. So, today, I would like to share about a journey that I have in this very particular day. At about 3 o'clock, because of some havoc in the house, I decided to go out and telling my mum that I am going for a movie. However, as I drive with my dearly Viva, when I reach the traffic light, I turn left. Somehow, in my own subconsciousness, I like to turn left when I reach a diverged road. So, off I drive along the road to Kota Padawan.

Let me remind you something about my Viva, the Viva. 2 days before, I have loaded RM20 worth of 10.8 l petrol RON95 at Petronas Tabuan Jaya after a weird medium-long journey with my friend, Len. In my mind back then, we have drive so much because we went to food hunting, and reach the said stall only when we are on our way back.

So, 2 days later, i went to Kota Padawan with the same load, continuous load from my journey the other day. The fuel worth 3 bars in the Viva's petrol indicator. ONLY 3 bars, so with this 3 bars, I drive around Padawan area. The roads are all tar, in good condition but at some small point, it was not really good.

At first, I drive straight from Kota Padawan, pass by Semenggok, and straight to Bunuk, without turning. I thought there is road continuously from Bunuk, but unfortunately, it was the dead end. The end of the village is traditional Bidayuh long house. I have to go back to a junction I passed by just before arriving the village. Then I realize, sometimes, it was not the straight road that brings me to my destination. Sometimes, in my life, i have to turn a bit, to reach my destination safely, and maybe on time.

Thus, I use Borneo Heights Road (Jln Puncak Borneo). By that time, I was determine to reach the feet of Borneo Heights. From the junction's signboard, it says 26 km to Borneo Heights. It was not a big number to me, until I myself travel the road. It didn't take me hours of course, but it was a long journey because I was alone.

So, off I go, pass by many famous villages including a very legendary river, The Giam, as it was famous to take life of those who it want to takes. I have someone I know died in the mercy of that river. I passed by 7 bridge that was name Aman Bridge (Jambatan Aman, or Sg Aman, maybe?). I passed by the vicious and breathtaking view of the Padawan's mountains (it wasn't tall nor cold like the Kinabalu, but lack of villages and peoples makes the road even eerie, but I call it mountain because that what we usually call). It was even breathtaking with the clouds surrounding the mountains, as if it wants to swallow me, and its like calling me to join them. It was like I am driving pass the spirits of the forest.

Some of the road is decorated with the overgrown leaves from the tree. I think it will be very eerie if I happen to drive through there late evening.

As I cautiously driving, I look at the environment, I look at the buildings that I can found, roads that I remember, and it was as if I reminisce the events and journey with my late daddy. The journey is as if I am collecting the pieces of memories that I had. I remembered, sometimes, when I feel like I want to go out, I am very comfortable to ask my dad this "Dad, I don't want to be at home now, can we have a stroll outside?" I remembered, he always be my victim when I want to go out. And sometimes, he seems to know what I meant. He will drive, and drive and drive, while I enjoy the breathtaking view. Then, maybe we take a cup or two at the coffee shop, then go home, or sometimes visit granny at the village.

Back with my journey, at last I reach the feet of Borneo Heights! What I did not realize before is, Anah Rais village is just around the corner. Then I saw a smaller road that looks familiar with me. It is the road that leads to Kuching-Serian Highway. I have this feeling that I wouldn't take a long time to reach there. From that point, the road is smaller, steeper, and it was enough to make me nauseous.

Then, I found this junction, with larger road. But definitely, that road does not guarantee my destination. Another lesson, sometimes, the pretty road doesn't mean it lead you to your destination. I have to drive along the small road unwillingly, because I was so tempted to use that other road. Somewhere behind my back memory, I think that bigger road also connected to Kuching-Serian highway, but I could not take the risk, because I am afraid the fuel that I had is not sufficient enough for me to stray longer. I also have time limitations, so I really could not take that risk of arriving late to the urbanization.

Thus, I drive, drive and drive and the journey also get on my nerves as I wasn't expect it to be quite long. I expect it to be 15 minutes from the Borneo Heights' feet, but after 30 minutes only, I reach the highway. From the highway, I use Kota Samarahan highway to go to Kuching.

As a conclusion, I pass by a lot of village, and have travel for more than 100 km (I m sure)but not more than 150 km (I think) with about 10 liters of petrol. At Kuching only, after I fetch my friend Len, that my 3 bars petrol indicator decrease to 2 bars. We go to eat at TAR Road, her house is at TAZA Road, and we go karaoke at Stutong.

I don't really get what message I want to share, but I know this for sure : I love the beauty that I see. And I will definitely take some pictures for my readers to watch for themselves and as prove to what I meant, but not now. I don't have my camera. Next time, I will bring some friends to help, own some good camera, and I will take my time shooting the scenery, and present it.

However, this journey really remind me of the journey of the disciples in Acts, which popularly known as the Road to Emmaus. About how the people who relate to Jesus reminisce their memories on the death of Jesus. I have not know yet the outcome of the my journey, but I know, the beginning of their journey, is quite as same as the 2 disciples.