Friday, December 2, 2011

i LOvE U


Thursday, November 3, 2011

LoVE that is not co-related

Tonight, I want to share about love.

There are many things that we can say about love. First of all, I would like to express love for my country, and my state.

This is to make myself clear. I have posted some nationalistic point-of-view of me in my post. I love my country, and sometimes I get a bit over myself when discussing about this. I really do feel this burning desire to speak up and actually do something about it. But I guess, it was suppressed by things that happens, and I have changed a lot in my mind, spirit, the way of thinking and some change in heart and plans. So now, I am not in that fire mood or to be too keen on writing for all that stuff. It makes me tired, and I don't feel that my voice is heard. When I wrote those intellect-like-article, I felt confident about it. I thought I did a great job by writing it. And now, I realise, nobody wants to read it. Even I do not feel that I want to look at it again and read all the comment. Deep within me, I feel embarrassed by those thing that I did.

This journey helps to make me decide, that I do not want to do posts and articles such in 'Borneo Youth Declaration', or 'Brain Drain & Brain Gain', or about how my country should this, or should that, or some people should this or that. I don't have enough courage to face the consequences. I would prefer and like to stay low, and write something which is fictional, anonymous but effective. Or it does not have to stay effective, as long as I feel 'me' in my writing, and still have that anonymous aura my own writing. Let the issue be there, but indirectly. It may be coward, but that is the only way I know to actually write something. I don't really care if nobody read it. It may be better that way.

How is this related to my love for my country? It is related, but I like to keep it anonymous, to protect myself, because whatever I said, according to the law, will be used against me in the court if anything would happen. (hahaha)

However, I would like to express my love to something more intimate. Love for another. But i would like to save it for another post. I am pretty tired now, and will be visiting ship with someone this morning later on, and need some sleep.

(looks like this post is more to statement that a sharing from me)

Another thing, my now on, I want to erase all y association with TLS. I am not proud of my extension to the matter that occur after the TLS. The program does do me good, but my action for writing about it, more on to how I wrote it, is not something I proud of. It will still be inside this blog, but I would not touch that matter again.

Good night everyone


Saturday, March 26, 2011

How I learn to blog?

After two heavy entries that I have wrote (about BYD and Brain Drain, TLS - I have more actually, but my brain is drained enough), tonight I decided to blabbering and talk gibberish :D , which I love. The reason I start a blog, and the reason why I don't really want my blog to have readers :D :D :D (big smile on the face). When I talk gibberish, it is because it is personal, and some might say useless entry, because all I blab is about this and that. But some entry before this, which I admit purposely wrote to share innocent heartwarming experience that I grasp from my own memory (Playing in the Rain, Journey to Uncertainties), some are religious, (Rosary session, Noah's journey), some information(uTorrent) and bits of things.

Tonight, just now, there was a session with YB Larry Sng (I look up his picture on google, very different from what I have actually see). Oh, by the way, I am actually looking up my ADD MATHS F5 book to learn back how to analyze graph, but the topic was actually in the F4 Maths book (my time). Why do we have two maths subject?

So, I have took pictures with many amazing leaders. Which makes me wondering. Before that, there are some topics that we chatted about I don't really understand. I understand more on Prof. Oseroff's session during TLS, maybe because I am from science background, and I was really fascinated by the session (:D). I understand bits on the situation that we chatted on, and some figures, some people... etc etc

But ya'know. I am wondering, those people meet big guys. Meet politician, sit next to PM, CM, etc. etc. Some do big things. Go to Youth Rally, Conference, etc etc. I never do that. And I've been thinking, what am I doing all this time? I don't recall MPP in UMS ever did meet many great awesome people that they should meet. Maybe some. Maybe they did. I don't know. Should I? I really feel I am a little ant in a group of big birds like eagle. But still, I try to defeat my feeling of being the loser, fight my innocent shyness, and fight my way, emotions and etc etc to go see this leaders for myself. I will talk about leadership later in my other entry.

You should be wondering by now. How did I meet this guys? I think it started this way. It is a long way. It is like crawling. It took me a long time. A late achiever, maybe? Then, in 2008, some of my friends blog. I don't blog. I say I don't want to blog. What the he*k is blog? Whatever. But then I started to blog, after Googling it and people say people / teenage blog to express themselves and etc etc. So, I feel like i want to blabbering, and I want people to read that gibberish thing. I think my first blog was in Friendster, but I did not maintain it. Then I went to wordpress, but then I read my friend's entry that we can monetize our blog with blogspot. Money! I was impressed by money that time. Money is good. :D . So, I delete my Wordpress after a few post in blog, because i could not maintain 2 blogs a time, and i think i can use Blogspot easily, even the compose panel is small for me. I prefer use M.Words, then paste it here.

So, I, blog, and maybe after few things, my friend introduce me with Sarawak Bloggers fan page. During 2009 i think, or it was the beginning of 2010.  I just 'like' it, with no real intention. I did some digging, but then nothing. At half year towards the end of 2010, I start to dig more in Sarawak Bloggers, and I registered as casual personal blogger. :D. The next year (2011), I read Facebook post from Swak Bloggers about TLS. That is the starting point. I started to write about TLS like I am doing an article or assignment. I want to polish my writing skill. I call myself an aspiring writer in training (long training). I even have some projects in my hand. I have a finished 'cerpen' haven't give to editors, 2 unfinished cerpen and 3 novels of different background and story. I figure out that I want to do it with my own pace.

I am bored already. So I want to spill on what I will be doing in my blog. Now, I am currently in my own project in finding what is so good about the leaders. It was based on the leaders that I have meet personally. I will blog about it later. There will be pictures of me and the leader, and some just picture, and etc etc.

There are so many 'etc's' here right?

I think I have blabbering enough. So, goodbye and until we meet again in my next post. See ya!!
I have read 3 Mitch Albom's book. My fav is "Have a little Faith". I take several years to finish "The 5 people you meet in heaven", months on "Tuesday with Morrie", and just a few days on "Have a Little Faith".

Big Smiles :D. Love. Dream!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What is it about Borneo Youth Declaration (BYD)?

Borneo Youth Declaration (BYD)


Initiated by the organizer of Tomorrows Leader Summit 2011 (TLS 2011), Glenreagh Sdn. Bhd., this declaration was meant to help the voices of the youth in Borneo specifically, and youths over the world to be heard by leaders of various government and NGO’s organization. Quoted from Sarawak Bloggers, BYD is a

“…pre-policy document with actionable items and definable project recommendations. It provides a lasting impact on the day to day lives of the Youth in the ASEAN region. The attendees of the TLS will therefore be eligible to help to shape the future thinking of the generation by putting in their input for the BYD during the TLS, and hence hopefully it helps future generations to have a clearer goal of what they could do for their state, country and region.”

From the organizer itself, BYD is

“…this document will contain the outcomes and decisions reached by those attending and it is envisaged that it will touch upon areas where the youth feel the need to express what directions need to be followed for the sustainable development of theirs and following generations.”

These statements clearly said that the delegates from TLS decide what must be put inside the declaration. The declaration is based on the theme, Developing High Income Youth.

On 20th March 2011, supposed to be only one and a half hour was allocated for the discussion and adoption of the BYD draft. It does not happen.

What is inside the draft

18th – 20th MARCH 2011
Borneo Convention Centre Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia
Borneo Youth Declaration
We, the participation of the Tomorrow’s Leaders Summit convened in Kuching from 18th – 20th March 2011 in Borneo Convention Centre Kuching, Sarawak Malaysia to discuss on the selected theme of “Developing High Income Youth”. Various speakers from different fields of expertise shared their knowledge and experiences with the participants following which they took part in the group panel discussion that highlighted the goals of the summit.

The guiding principles for this declaration were based on the following objectives:

-          To provide a focal point for enhancement of tomorrow’s leader in all fields of endeavor making a positive contribution to the society;
-          To enhance and promote this important sector as a requirement for sustained development;
-          To gather local experts, leaders and specialist to share their views, knowledge and expertise to develop thought leadership;
-          To be an arena for discussion, networking and collaboration to stimulate the growth and development of global youth leadership sector;
-          To facilitate the resolution of problems and issues;
-          To highlight areas of economy value and to facilitate the required investment into the future; and
-          To facilitate the exchange of information and to coordinate global cooperation.

The participants attended multi-disciplined workshops and the Youth Transformation Lab where they made the following recommendations:

·         Establish a common ground to address the educational imbalance between the generations by providing the youth with various structural leadership platforms that will involve them in the decision making process.
·         Acknowledge and develop the economic value of young people in order to generate high income youth.
·         Create and develop policies that will promote the role of youth leadership in the democratic process.
·         Create and develop sustainable action plans that help to provide equal opportunities for both genders in urban and rural areas for the development of high income youth.
·         Create awareness among the young people with an emphasis on social media to spread knowledge and skills with the use of local, regional and global programs to assist in addressing the potential growth of high income youth.
·         Provision of entrepreneurship development opportunities and necessary resources to the youth by all the stake holders.
·         Ensure efficient and functional budgetary provision to create training and mentoring centers that will enable youth to develop the skills that will allow them to participate in knowledge economy.
·         Enable youth to overcome barriers and promote their participation in a borderless knowledge market economy through the use of science, technology and innovation.
·         Make use of globalization to encourage the development of human capital among the young people which will lead to sustainable development of the community at large and produce high income youth.
·         Mobilize and utilize the young people intra and internationally for the improvement and development of their communities of origin to encourage the positive effects of brain gain and repatriation of knowledge resources.
·         Assist the youth to identify market gaps and exploit them to help increase the personal. Local income potential while providing necessary goods and services in a sustainable manner.
·         Fast track highly capable young leaders who possess the required social, emotional, mental and physical quotas to push them to the forefront so that they can be role models to the youth.
·         Take responsibility in using their creative abilities to develop new high income opportunities for themselves.

In conclusion, we the participants of the Tomorrow’s Leaders Summit recognize and acknowledge the importance of youth leaders and the development of high income youth. We also recognize that the implementation of the above recommendations will only be achieved with the support of the public and private sector. However, the success or failure of the implementation of these recommendations ultimately lies with each individual.

20th March 2011, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.

From what I read and go through this draft and I think most of the youths that attend TLS would agree:

1.       Most of the ideas come from the theme ‘Developing High Income Youths’ forum. Questions to ponder on; Do the youths that listen understand the theme clearly or do they have the same idea of the theme with the panelist? Maybe they have different ideas on what they think about the theme.
2.       It stated that the recommendation was based on the workshops and Youth Transformation Labs. Weird as none of the youth remembers doing the draft during Youth Transformation Lab, and even the workshops I attend, did not require us to draft an idea and submit them. From what I read, the recommendation was just a gist of our workshop. It does not reflect what we want or what we thought. Most of time, what youths do during the workshop is sit and listen. I did not go to the Youth Transformation Lab, so I hope there is someone outside blog about it, or tell us.

What the youths of Borneo says

However, the youths of Borneo attending the TLS did not agree with the content of the draft. Arguments were made by youths. Majority of the youth feels that they did not involve in making the draft and the efforts in making this a reality are blurry. Some recommendation made by the youths include form a bodies of youths from Borneo to operate the process of the declaration.

The delegates admit that they do not know the procedures in making a declaration. This shows that the youth of Borneo particularly does not want to accept things that they does not understand.
The organizers said that they did mention BYD on the website, expose and advertise about BYD. They even said that they are sorry the delegates did not read the article. I read these articles before the event, but I still think that it is not generous enough; making the youth’s feel that something more has to be done to make BYD a reality.

Websites that mention BYD:

Many youth agree that early BYD draft doesn’t not reflect what they want. The youths says that:

1.       Not many youths involve making the draft.
2.       Only a little portion of youths from all over Borneo (with majority from Sarawak), and some from the all over the world are there to discuss it.
3.       The draft is too sudden. The youths are not satisfied because for 3 days in the summit, a draft was presented without awareness. During the presentation of the draft, it hits the youth that the presentation is very not appropriate. They are many things should be done. They feel that they don’t even know how to make a declaration. They should know more about the declaration and did not agree right away to whatever people serve them. They feel they should understand the procedures, and a 2 hour discussion is not enough to come out with a declaration that will benefit all.
4.       Some people did agree with the recommendation, but they also want to be involve, and would like more youths to be exposed to this issue.

The Borneo Youth Declaration was delayed. No understanding between the youths and organizer were made. Youths agree to have BYD, but not at that moment. Decisions were made, and this is what both parties agreed on:

Another conference for the youth leaders to understand how to develop an international declaration.
1.       Proposal research and findings on what the youth really want. This was agreed as there is a lack of understanding of the Youth of Borneo.
2.       Set up an executive committee bodies lead by Borneo Youth, members of Borneo Youth and neutral representative.
3.       Workshop and training to develop a policy or document in the process of making international declaration
4.       Agree that each of the component areas of Borneo has sufficient representation in any committee. (Sarawak, Sabah, Brunei, Kalimantan, Labuan)

These agreements were write by the organizers, however, I did change it a bit ;).

In case you are wondering about TLS:
3.       More link in link (2), there are many bloggers write about TLS, just visit their blogs.


Frankly speaking, I am aware that there might be not further effort made by the organizer. To organize this kind of thing is not easy. The main organizer has to get sponsors, and have to plan lots of things. I don’t think they expect that this kind of thing will happen. Now they know that they should not play around with Borneo Youths. We can be fierce in protecting our rights.

 I personally would like to make BYD a realization, not just for youths in Borneo, but also youths elsewhere, especially those from the developing country and third world country. I am sure that the voice of youths from these countries was not heard by anyone.

So, here I call all the youths to stand united. During the BYD discussion, Youth Works Asia, whose CEO is Mr. Bernard Hor, has given his commitment to help us make this a reality. Now, it is our turn to commit. Will you?

Devotional pages for BYD.

Towards the Realisation of Borneo Youth Declaration.


leaders of 2-hour group discussion on BYD

one of the youth from UITM speaks his opinion,

Bernard Hor, CEO of Youth Works Asia

2 of the youths leaders, the young women sitting is the spark that leads to the debate

youth from Sabah, founder of

organizer and the moderator for BYD session.

some of the information might be not correct. If it is not, please comment to correct it. Thank you.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Brain Drain in Malaysia

Wow. What can I said. This issue actually never occurs to me. Or it did, but I don’t know what people call it. This is one of the workshops that I attend during Tomorrows Leader Summit 2011. The workshop was facilitate by Mr Rau a/l Muniandy. He is someone from MOSTI (Malaysia’s Ministry of Science and Technology), just worked there. Honestly, I don’t really want to be in that particular room. I expect it would be something else, but we discuss something that is serious and hopelessly bland, and I was forced to think like the government during this session. And believe me, I don’t really want to think like a government. Somehow, this issue did create this critical mind in me. I was drawn to blog about it. 

The topic starts just like how many other topics start. However, things get heated when we were asked to consider why this phenomenon happens in our country. Most of us in the room did not really into the discussion, but there was this two young women, debate over the rational of the young minds migrated to somewhere else. 

Oh yeah, before I go further, let us understand first what is Brain Drain. Brain drain happens when skilled or professional or talented citizen decided to migrate to other country or place for some particular reason. They may go back to their first country, or may not. Nearest examples: there are many talented Malaysian, especially the Chinese, migrated to Singapore. The reasons can be:

1.       Personal. Or simply means that they want to live somewhere else.
2.       They don’t feel like they belong to the country, or frustrated that the original country is not up to their pace. Or maybe they don’t feel they have the opportunities in the original country, and want to try their luck outside. This may due to political reason.
3.       Political stability is one of the causes. Imagine in a place where war constantly happen. We can’t even sleep at night.
4.       Safety reason. Throughout the history, many people move from one place to the other because of the natural disaster that might occur without warning. These people wanted to protect their family to a place where natural disaster is not a problem.
5.       Getting some experience maybe? From other country before they come back.
6.       High income and high currency value (perhaps) in a particular country. This has been the main debate as of why Malaysian student who study outside country did not want to come back to Malaysia. Some people claim that they just want more money.

I am very sure that the list goes on and on. There are so many valid reasons out there. But today, I want to discuss more about the students that was sent and sponsored by the government that refuse to come back to serve in Malaysia. There is a lot of talented Malaysian working at another side of the world until it is crucial for the government to make plans and incentive to get people back to Malaysia. I found this article from a blog that I follow. It somehow relevant to my discussion. 

Back to the two debating young women. Let’s just call them A and B. Both have friends study oversea. They see things differently. I think one of these two young women was studying oversea before, but she came back. I think it was A.
So, A’s argument. She has many friends study oversea, including her. She came back, her friends don’t. She stressed that even though her friends are not yet home, they still love Malaysia and defend that they are the most patriotic or so when talk about Malaysia.

This B girl, does not agree. She said that loving the country is not as same as being patriotic. Personally, I think she does not know what she said. It’s not that I support A’s opinion, but she has to look up what is the difference between being patriotic and being nationalistic. Patriotism and nationalism is two different things. I did not tell her this. Maybe she knows. B thinks, that her friends that does not want to go back to serve Malaysia is selfish, thinks about their own, their backs and their families without consider that the country need their expertise. Then, she continued her statement that, those people would not want to go back to Malaysia because when they return here, they expected their income will be higher than anybody else, because they think they deserve it and they have the experience. If Malaysia did not provide better life for these people, they would not want to come back. Hurm, I remember during the forum, we are labeled as incentive-generation. We need incentive to move forward. What an ungrateful generation, is it not?

Before time was wasted more, they were stopped by the moderator (Cyril Dason) and Mr Rau himself. I wonder if that is the right thing to do. I mean, it is right, but somehow, they way that someone did it (not both of them, just one of them), does not really want to hear us. We just leave that aside. 

I did not write this article to give a conclusion, I would rather you make the conclusion yourself. There is not much agreement to this matter during this session as we were stopped as time is so jealous of us. Think what you want to think, and never restrain yourself.

We move on to brainstorming on how to bring back the youth to serve their own country. Mr Rau did share good things, as in what to consider before making a big plan. The process was called the LOGIC MODEL.  It consists of step-by-step method on doing the best thing based on resources that we have in hand, and explaining the 4W1H.

1.       Input
2.       Objective
3.       Rational
4.       Goal
5.       Activity
6.       Output
7.       Outcome; Short-term (effect on mindset, feeling) , Midterm, Long-term

These steps also relevant when making a major decision in life. I am quite tired, so I guess this is for the night. Hope this scribble does get attention of somebody. It may not be much detail, or maybe a bit boring or not interesting. But I am learning :)


meet Cyril Dason(left), of Sarawak Blogger, and Mr Rau, of MOSTI

Thursday, March 3, 2011

How to write a C.V.?

                    Currently, my mind was bothered by this kind of thing. I have a resume, but in Malaysia, we usually use C.V. And guess what, its my fault that I did not read further that what employer wants is C.V. I am that kind of person who lags the most because I just don't know what to put. There is nothing in my life that I excel too much. I am not prefect, in sports I wasn't even the chosen one. One thing that I hate of my high school is there is nothing I can do to show my excellence except study. And that wasn't enough. There are many more students that are smarter than me. I am losing hope now. I have nothing to brag, which makes me wonder, how the heck I can get into an undergrad school? I don't know where in the world I belong this place. I just don't know how all this happens that lead to this. Most of people around me that I know, my classmates during school, or my classmates during my undergrad, is they are prefect, or at least leader, major leader in something. How the heck did I get in there in the first place? If God let that, I don't understand why He did that. He better have good reason. There are some steps that I have planned. It was what I am going to do. Well, it doesn't really include employment, but I will strive to excel until the end of my life. I will use my whole energy for that and that alone, I will win, fail, upset, and excel more. The journey may be rough (I warned myself) but this that is what I am going to do.

                   Anyway, if this is not what you want from my blog, you can always google "How to write a C.V.". Sorry if u ended up here without gain anything. Anyway, maybe my writing did cheer you up. At least, you know that you are not the only one who are like me, almost a loser, but lost somewhere in the middle. Hanging without hanger. Fuh. 

                     But, I guess its unfair to blame all in my situation. I myself did not really look for job myself. I only send few failing resume, haven't try send C.V. because it was such a headache and heartache. Never mind, I think I have to really start my resume. 

Smile always in every situation.
I insert a Wizard of Oz add from Amazon, because, I reminded by the Lion, who is looking for Courage. This novel, really touch me of how all the character go out there, looking for something. The Lion thinks he is a coward, but actually, he is the most brave, because he manage to start that steps to find Courage. Will read it again. So, I just want to share my inspiration.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Hi ya'll!!!

There is this campaign from I am a bit late, but still, I want to post it and link it to you.



What you can gain from the TLS?

Tomorrow’s Leaders Summit 2011

What?! Oweemgee… Who does not want to be there? There are lots of reasons to be there. You can meet great people; cool guys, cool people, experienced men and women from parts of the world, ready to reveal their recipes to success. Now, who wouldn’t want that? I am pretty exited here. I don’t really know about this event until I was called to click this tiny event forwarded by Sarawak Bloggers on Facebook.

Right now is the time where we the young generation to think ahead for our beloved home, Sarawak and her future in this nation and in the whole globe. During TLS, you will be exposed to the latest trend of the world, so during this particular moment, the globe is at the tips of your hands. You may not know everything from TLS, but you will know something that other people does not know. The power of dream, power of education, and the power of human needs, all will be exposed at TLS by the selected speakers who have been there, done that. If you are one of the youths who keeps wondering, ‘How can I help my country?’, ‘What can I do for my state?’, or ‘What am I going to do with my life?’, now this is the answers to your question. I could not stress more of the benefits and knowledge that you will get just from this full-packed event that is made, just for you. It’s worth the ringgit.
Let me inspire you with some great people who will be at the TLS. Professor Douglass D. Osheroff,(picture above) Nobel Prize achiever in Physics, Miss Universe Malaysia Andrea Fonseka, even Our own Chief Minister of Sarawak, Pehin Sri Haji Abdul Taib Mahmud. You don’t need the detail of their achievement (nah), but they can share with you how they lead their life. They tell you stories of how they reach to where they are now.  You will also be meeting many young entrepreneurs, notorious leaders (including the ministers, yo!), and notable local artiste! Yes, you can dig up many success recipes from various backgrounds and use it to make your own inspiring journey. One day, maybe YOU will be the one standing up there giving inspiration to young ones way in the future.

 I really want to get to TLS! These creative people who organize this event are equally brilliant. Did I mention of amazing workshops and program they are organizing just for us? Yeah, you and me, there will be workshop and off site program on science, technology, fashion, arts, humanity, environment and business all in one day. That is my friend, is just to create a better you, better us. It cannot be better than this.  You will definitely change into a leader that you never knew once you attend this prestigious event. Oh yeah, there is a slot, called the Un-Conference. This is great. You can show off your leadership skills and voice out your precious ideas and thoughts to stimulate that young brains.

So why is this big deal about leadership skills? Oh, they are very important. You are your own leader. How you lead yourself will affect not just you, but all that is around you. Leadership taught people to be better person. Some of the leader’s traits are ethical, responsible, hardworking, creative and humble. We want to create a better society where it comprises of each one of us. When we are a better leader of ourselves, we will become strong civilized society. We, you and me are Sarawak’s future and we can shape her future for our children. This is our legacy.

Tomorrow’s Leader Summit? How? What? When? Wait! All your questions will be answered. Go here ( Now go and become delegates! Nourish and polish those leadership skills that you have in you. See you there!

Wanna grab some free pass? Click this image ;) . It can tell you the magic words.
 TLS stands for Tomorrow’s Leaders Summit

Disclaimer: All the picture under this title is not mine, but I got them from the respective websites that I have mentioned.

Izit really possible?

Yeah...Izit really possible for me to have blogging idea a few minutes ago, but then vanish in thin air???

There are so many things i can write, but I don't. I have to keep writing. This might be my income factor when I really don't have any job left for me. Hehehe

So, at least i write something. Then, chow??? I think I seriously need to write on a notebook. Have to learn to carry pen and notebook everywhere.

God bless you, and me. :)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Addiction 1

I am currently in love playing Godswar!!!! Addicted? I guess so.. The character is cute, and the game concept is wonderful.Godswar is a type of MMORPG, massive multiplayer online role player game. It means, lots of people plays it, it is online in real time, and it is a role playing game, which mean you play a role in building the character as however you want. Yeah, I kinda like it. I introduce to you, my character.

Introduce to you, Cucumber. This image was taken from Godswar game. All rights are theirs.
Hahaha Note the pumpkin head. One of the thing that characters sell. I bought it, from a Mythcrafter obviously because they are the profession that can make this outfit. It last only a day thought. Hahaha. Love the weirdness.

This game's storyline and characters are based on the Greek mythology. So, for those who like to kills, train the brain with strategically planned team, can play this. The monsters are hard to kill, so that is definitely makes you addict. Its free, as there are these maller, that bought items using real money. Come, join us.

At first, I play this game from Facebook server. But because of certain problems, come from me, nothing to do with server or what, I made up my mind to play from the real client. It is more satisfying for me. Moreover, the experience from the Facebook server really helps me create more systematic and better character here.

Anyway, I come from server Valentine (ridiculous name bcoz no connection with Greeks, I know),  and I am of Spartan Polis. C'yA!!!

Highly recommended.

Monday, January 10, 2011

mY gUitaR

Tonight's topic is, mY gUiTar...

I don't remember when i bought this guitar, but I know the brand, it is Ibanez, model V50NJP (wish i bought the black one, it looks shiny, but i think i can adjust the looks of my guitar when i have more money). I bought it just after i got my pay from Boulevard Hypermall. The Price? This young wood cost me RM475. Worth it? I don't know, but for me, I think it works just the way a good guitar should be. Nice music come out from it. At least, the sound I make sounds better than when I buy a cheaper brand. Here is my guitar. And oh, all these picture is from my newley bought Blue Canon Powershoot A495, bought on 6 Jan 2011. Yeah , I know I wasted lot of money, but hey, money can be earn.

The body.

The head of my guitar

The whole thing, with the bed. (^^,)
The string and the neck.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Journey to uncertainties.

It has been a long time since I am not blogging. So, today, I would like to share about a journey that I have in this very particular day. At about 3 o'clock, because of some havoc in the house, I decided to go out and telling my mum that I am going for a movie. However, as I drive with my dearly Viva, when I reach the traffic light, I turn left. Somehow, in my own subconsciousness, I like to turn left when I reach a diverged road. So, off I drive along the road to Kota Padawan.

Let me remind you something about my Viva, the Viva. 2 days before, I have loaded RM20 worth of 10.8 l petrol RON95 at Petronas Tabuan Jaya after a weird medium-long journey with my friend, Len. In my mind back then, we have drive so much because we went to food hunting, and reach the said stall only when we are on our way back.

So, 2 days later, i went to Kota Padawan with the same load, continuous load from my journey the other day. The fuel worth 3 bars in the Viva's petrol indicator. ONLY 3 bars, so with this 3 bars, I drive around Padawan area. The roads are all tar, in good condition but at some small point, it was not really good.

At first, I drive straight from Kota Padawan, pass by Semenggok, and straight to Bunuk, without turning. I thought there is road continuously from Bunuk, but unfortunately, it was the dead end. The end of the village is traditional Bidayuh long house. I have to go back to a junction I passed by just before arriving the village. Then I realize, sometimes, it was not the straight road that brings me to my destination. Sometimes, in my life, i have to turn a bit, to reach my destination safely, and maybe on time.

Thus, I use Borneo Heights Road (Jln Puncak Borneo). By that time, I was determine to reach the feet of Borneo Heights. From the junction's signboard, it says 26 km to Borneo Heights. It was not a big number to me, until I myself travel the road. It didn't take me hours of course, but it was a long journey because I was alone.

So, off I go, pass by many famous villages including a very legendary river, The Giam, as it was famous to take life of those who it want to takes. I have someone I know died in the mercy of that river. I passed by 7 bridge that was name Aman Bridge (Jambatan Aman, or Sg Aman, maybe?). I passed by the vicious and breathtaking view of the Padawan's mountains (it wasn't tall nor cold like the Kinabalu, but lack of villages and peoples makes the road even eerie, but I call it mountain because that what we usually call). It was even breathtaking with the clouds surrounding the mountains, as if it wants to swallow me, and its like calling me to join them. It was like I am driving pass the spirits of the forest.

Some of the road is decorated with the overgrown leaves from the tree. I think it will be very eerie if I happen to drive through there late evening.

As I cautiously driving, I look at the environment, I look at the buildings that I can found, roads that I remember, and it was as if I reminisce the events and journey with my late daddy. The journey is as if I am collecting the pieces of memories that I had. I remembered, sometimes, when I feel like I want to go out, I am very comfortable to ask my dad this "Dad, I don't want to be at home now, can we have a stroll outside?" I remembered, he always be my victim when I want to go out. And sometimes, he seems to know what I meant. He will drive, and drive and drive, while I enjoy the breathtaking view. Then, maybe we take a cup or two at the coffee shop, then go home, or sometimes visit granny at the village.

Back with my journey, at last I reach the feet of Borneo Heights! What I did not realize before is, Anah Rais village is just around the corner. Then I saw a smaller road that looks familiar with me. It is the road that leads to Kuching-Serian Highway. I have this feeling that I wouldn't take a long time to reach there. From that point, the road is smaller, steeper, and it was enough to make me nauseous.

Then, I found this junction, with larger road. But definitely, that road does not guarantee my destination. Another lesson, sometimes, the pretty road doesn't mean it lead you to your destination. I have to drive along the small road unwillingly, because I was so tempted to use that other road. Somewhere behind my back memory, I think that bigger road also connected to Kuching-Serian highway, but I could not take the risk, because I am afraid the fuel that I had is not sufficient enough for me to stray longer. I also have time limitations, so I really could not take that risk of arriving late to the urbanization.

Thus, I drive, drive and drive and the journey also get on my nerves as I wasn't expect it to be quite long. I expect it to be 15 minutes from the Borneo Heights' feet, but after 30 minutes only, I reach the highway. From the highway, I use Kota Samarahan highway to go to Kuching.

As a conclusion, I pass by a lot of village, and have travel for more than 100 km (I m sure)but not more than 150 km (I think) with about 10 liters of petrol. At Kuching only, after I fetch my friend Len, that my 3 bars petrol indicator decrease to 2 bars. We go to eat at TAR Road, her house is at TAZA Road, and we go karaoke at Stutong.

I don't really get what message I want to share, but I know this for sure : I love the beauty that I see. And I will definitely take some pictures for my readers to watch for themselves and as prove to what I meant, but not now. I don't have my camera. Next time, I will bring some friends to help, own some good camera, and I will take my time shooting the scenery, and present it.

However, this journey really remind me of the journey of the disciples in Acts, which popularly known as the Road to Emmaus. About how the people who relate to Jesus reminisce their memories on the death of Jesus. I have not know yet the outcome of the my journey, but I know, the beginning of their journey, is quite as same as the 2 disciples.