Thursday, March 3, 2011

How to write a C.V.?

                    Currently, my mind was bothered by this kind of thing. I have a resume, but in Malaysia, we usually use C.V. And guess what, its my fault that I did not read further that what employer wants is C.V. I am that kind of person who lags the most because I just don't know what to put. There is nothing in my life that I excel too much. I am not prefect, in sports I wasn't even the chosen one. One thing that I hate of my high school is there is nothing I can do to show my excellence except study. And that wasn't enough. There are many more students that are smarter than me. I am losing hope now. I have nothing to brag, which makes me wonder, how the heck I can get into an undergrad school? I don't know where in the world I belong this place. I just don't know how all this happens that lead to this. Most of people around me that I know, my classmates during school, or my classmates during my undergrad, is they are prefect, or at least leader, major leader in something. How the heck did I get in there in the first place? If God let that, I don't understand why He did that. He better have good reason. There are some steps that I have planned. It was what I am going to do. Well, it doesn't really include employment, but I will strive to excel until the end of my life. I will use my whole energy for that and that alone, I will win, fail, upset, and excel more. The journey may be rough (I warned myself) but this that is what I am going to do.

                   Anyway, if this is not what you want from my blog, you can always google "How to write a C.V.". Sorry if u ended up here without gain anything. Anyway, maybe my writing did cheer you up. At least, you know that you are not the only one who are like me, almost a loser, but lost somewhere in the middle. Hanging without hanger. Fuh. 

                     But, I guess its unfair to blame all in my situation. I myself did not really look for job myself. I only send few failing resume, haven't try send C.V. because it was such a headache and heartache. Never mind, I think I have to really start my resume. 

Smile always in every situation.
I insert a Wizard of Oz add from Amazon, because, I reminded by the Lion, who is looking for Courage. This novel, really touch me of how all the character go out there, looking for something. The Lion thinks he is a coward, but actually, he is the most brave, because he manage to start that steps to find Courage. Will read it again. So, I just want to share my inspiration.

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