Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What you can gain from the TLS?

Tomorrow’s Leaders Summit 2011

What?! Oweemgee… Who does not want to be there? There are lots of reasons to be there. You can meet great people; cool guys, cool people, experienced men and women from parts of the world, ready to reveal their recipes to success. Now, who wouldn’t want that? I am pretty exited here. I don’t really know about this event until I was called to click this tiny event forwarded by Sarawak Bloggers on Facebook.

Right now is the time where we the young generation to think ahead for our beloved home, Sarawak and her future in this nation and in the whole globe. During TLS, you will be exposed to the latest trend of the world, so during this particular moment, the globe is at the tips of your hands. You may not know everything from TLS, but you will know something that other people does not know. The power of dream, power of education, and the power of human needs, all will be exposed at TLS by the selected speakers who have been there, done that. If you are one of the youths who keeps wondering, ‘How can I help my country?’, ‘What can I do for my state?’, or ‘What am I going to do with my life?’, now this is the answers to your question. I could not stress more of the benefits and knowledge that you will get just from this full-packed event that is made, just for you. It’s worth the ringgit.
Let me inspire you with some great people who will be at the TLS. Professor Douglass D. Osheroff,(picture above) Nobel Prize achiever in Physics, Miss Universe Malaysia Andrea Fonseka, even Our own Chief Minister of Sarawak, Pehin Sri Haji Abdul Taib Mahmud. You don’t need the detail of their achievement (nah), but they can share with you how they lead their life. They tell you stories of how they reach to where they are now.  You will also be meeting many young entrepreneurs, notorious leaders (including the ministers, yo!), and notable local artiste! Yes, you can dig up many success recipes from various backgrounds and use it to make your own inspiring journey. One day, maybe YOU will be the one standing up there giving inspiration to young ones way in the future.

 I really want to get to TLS! These creative people who organize this event are equally brilliant. Did I mention of amazing workshops and program they are organizing just for us? Yeah, you and me, there will be workshop and off site program on science, technology, fashion, arts, humanity, environment and business all in one day. That is my friend, is just to create a better you, better us. It cannot be better than this.  You will definitely change into a leader that you never knew once you attend this prestigious event. Oh yeah, there is a slot, called the Un-Conference. This is great. You can show off your leadership skills and voice out your precious ideas and thoughts to stimulate that young brains.

So why is this big deal about leadership skills? Oh, they are very important. You are your own leader. How you lead yourself will affect not just you, but all that is around you. Leadership taught people to be better person. Some of the leader’s traits are ethical, responsible, hardworking, creative and humble. We want to create a better society where it comprises of each one of us. When we are a better leader of ourselves, we will become strong civilized society. We, you and me are Sarawak’s future and we can shape her future for our children. This is our legacy.

Tomorrow’s Leader Summit? How? What? When? Wait! All your questions will be answered. Go here (www.tomorrowsleaders.biz). Now go and become delegates! Nourish and polish those leadership skills that you have in you. See you there!

Wanna grab some free pass? Click this image ;) . It can tell you the magic words.
 TLS stands for Tomorrow’s Leaders Summit

Disclaimer: All the picture under this title is not mine, but I got them from the respective websites that I have mentioned.

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