Saturday, March 26, 2011

How I learn to blog?

After two heavy entries that I have wrote (about BYD and Brain Drain, TLS - I have more actually, but my brain is drained enough), tonight I decided to blabbering and talk gibberish :D , which I love. The reason I start a blog, and the reason why I don't really want my blog to have readers :D :D :D (big smile on the face). When I talk gibberish, it is because it is personal, and some might say useless entry, because all I blab is about this and that. But some entry before this, which I admit purposely wrote to share innocent heartwarming experience that I grasp from my own memory (Playing in the Rain, Journey to Uncertainties), some are religious, (Rosary session, Noah's journey), some information(uTorrent) and bits of things.

Tonight, just now, there was a session with YB Larry Sng (I look up his picture on google, very different from what I have actually see). Oh, by the way, I am actually looking up my ADD MATHS F5 book to learn back how to analyze graph, but the topic was actually in the F4 Maths book (my time). Why do we have two maths subject?

So, I have took pictures with many amazing leaders. Which makes me wondering. Before that, there are some topics that we chatted about I don't really understand. I understand more on Prof. Oseroff's session during TLS, maybe because I am from science background, and I was really fascinated by the session (:D). I understand bits on the situation that we chatted on, and some figures, some people... etc etc

But ya'know. I am wondering, those people meet big guys. Meet politician, sit next to PM, CM, etc. etc. Some do big things. Go to Youth Rally, Conference, etc etc. I never do that. And I've been thinking, what am I doing all this time? I don't recall MPP in UMS ever did meet many great awesome people that they should meet. Maybe some. Maybe they did. I don't know. Should I? I really feel I am a little ant in a group of big birds like eagle. But still, I try to defeat my feeling of being the loser, fight my innocent shyness, and fight my way, emotions and etc etc to go see this leaders for myself. I will talk about leadership later in my other entry.

You should be wondering by now. How did I meet this guys? I think it started this way. It is a long way. It is like crawling. It took me a long time. A late achiever, maybe? Then, in 2008, some of my friends blog. I don't blog. I say I don't want to blog. What the he*k is blog? Whatever. But then I started to blog, after Googling it and people say people / teenage blog to express themselves and etc etc. So, I feel like i want to blabbering, and I want people to read that gibberish thing. I think my first blog was in Friendster, but I did not maintain it. Then I went to wordpress, but then I read my friend's entry that we can monetize our blog with blogspot. Money! I was impressed by money that time. Money is good. :D . So, I delete my Wordpress after a few post in blog, because i could not maintain 2 blogs a time, and i think i can use Blogspot easily, even the compose panel is small for me. I prefer use M.Words, then paste it here.

So, I, blog, and maybe after few things, my friend introduce me with Sarawak Bloggers fan page. During 2009 i think, or it was the beginning of 2010.  I just 'like' it, with no real intention. I did some digging, but then nothing. At half year towards the end of 2010, I start to dig more in Sarawak Bloggers, and I registered as casual personal blogger. :D. The next year (2011), I read Facebook post from Swak Bloggers about TLS. That is the starting point. I started to write about TLS like I am doing an article or assignment. I want to polish my writing skill. I call myself an aspiring writer in training (long training). I even have some projects in my hand. I have a finished 'cerpen' haven't give to editors, 2 unfinished cerpen and 3 novels of different background and story. I figure out that I want to do it with my own pace.

I am bored already. So I want to spill on what I will be doing in my blog. Now, I am currently in my own project in finding what is so good about the leaders. It was based on the leaders that I have meet personally. I will blog about it later. There will be pictures of me and the leader, and some just picture, and etc etc.

There are so many 'etc's' here right?

I think I have blabbering enough. So, goodbye and until we meet again in my next post. See ya!!
I have read 3 Mitch Albom's book. My fav is "Have a little Faith". I take several years to finish "The 5 people you meet in heaven", months on "Tuesday with Morrie", and just a few days on "Have a Little Faith".

Big Smiles :D. Love. Dream!

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