Monday, January 10, 2011

mY gUitaR

Tonight's topic is, mY gUiTar...

I don't remember when i bought this guitar, but I know the brand, it is Ibanez, model V50NJP (wish i bought the black one, it looks shiny, but i think i can adjust the looks of my guitar when i have more money). I bought it just after i got my pay from Boulevard Hypermall. The Price? This young wood cost me RM475. Worth it? I don't know, but for me, I think it works just the way a good guitar should be. Nice music come out from it. At least, the sound I make sounds better than when I buy a cheaper brand. Here is my guitar. And oh, all these picture is from my newley bought Blue Canon Powershoot A495, bought on 6 Jan 2011. Yeah , I know I wasted lot of money, but hey, money can be earn.

The body.

The head of my guitar

The whole thing, with the bed. (^^,)
The string and the neck.

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