Tuesday, May 12, 2009

eeeiiii...malas maw study untuk thesis.....haish....wat to do.....but that is not the topic of today...hehe...ni, maw share apa yg sy nampak time rosary....as this is the Rosary month, May, jadi kami pun buat la rosary di rumah, di mana ada orang datang and pray2 together la......macam besa, we wont do the rosary by ourselves kan????hehe, lagipun tak bes buat rosary 1 urg..okay, hajime!!!

during last 2 mystery in the rosary, where we meditate The Carrying of The Cross and The Crucifixtion, i imagine myself, as a little who lived in that time.....

One day, a little girl follow his father to the market to buy something as it is almost the Passover event. There seems to be an important event occuring that day. On that very special day, she saw a man, wearing a wretched cloth, carrying a large cross. she saw many people around that man; there are guards, priest, common people men and women as such. There, some said cursing words, some cried, some just watch and go, some look and do nothing, and some, just like this little girl, just wondering what has happened, and why that one man looks like he is hated by everybody in the market, eventhough there are some women cried for him. 'Who is he?', she asked teh question herselfs. she watch her father see the man, which fear watcing the scene. She wants to ask who is the man, and what are they doing, but she couldn't ask her father, as her words stuck in her throat.

She just look at the man, observing him and wondering. She is just too little to know why, to small to see things clearly, yet is sure that the convicted man, as she heard from the people around, is not a criminal. She does not know why is the man convicted, but when she look at the man, she knows the man is not what it seems to be. She walk towards the crowd to take a closer look at the man.

As she is getting close, the man saw her, and look her in the eyes. The girl could not explain it, but she feels someting, she look at the man's ayes; they were clear, shiny, grand, looking back at her with eyes full of dignity and royalty, yet full of mercy and compassion. The girl could not take her ees from those eyes, even though the man look away as there are a girl approach him, giving him cloth to wipe his face. The girl keep on looking at the man, untill she realised that her father wasn't there. She follow the crowd though, her feet directing her to the crowd which bringing the man to a mountain, which she knows well the place is a place where bad people get punished.

She follow the man bravely, eventhough at home she is the most coward of all her sisters. she knows she is all alone, but she feels that she found strengh and want to follow the crowd, she still wants to see the eyes, because she wants to explain to her curious heart, the eyes which has looked upon her. She was afraid, as she travel with her small feet, following the crowd. She stumble, but she sees only the man, who has inspired her to follow him. Sometimes she get closer to the man, and she can see that the man has many cuts and bruises on his body, and on his head, there are crown of thorns! She grasp, but still she followed the crowd, now from afar, and with little fright. She stopped, and think 'why they doing this to the man? what sin has the man done?'. Then, she continue her journey. Little that she know that the man was convicted because of blesphemy, or is she too small to understand...

It's there. . .A very large cross in front of her. She could not see how it happen as her feet was small to catch up the big crowd marching to the skull mountain. She saw the man, and the man looked at ther, as if he knows. Her eyes started to water. They were filled with water, and drop slowly as the man smile to her. She smiled too, with the unstopping rain of tears. She saw the man's blood and sweat, dropping to the ground. Then, the man uttered something, bow his head and died. 'Who is he?' the girl wondered. then she saw two guards, playing with the man, who is now lifeless, and one of them poking the ribs of the man, and blood start to shed from the wound.

The weather started to change into somthing different. But the girl didn't know. All she sees is heavenly clouds at the back of the crucifed man, and glorious light shine upon the man.

She did not realise it, but she kneeled down, and uttered, 'It is done,isn't it?', close her eyes, and drop there.

As she wake up, she is at her house, on her own sleeping mat. And she wake up, with feelings she could not explain, with things and memories that could not be erased. But she smiled, and continue her life, with a very different manner, from what she is before.

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