Sunday, February 14, 2010

downloading torrent files . . .

i finally understand the principles of downloading torrent files using utorrent. i thought that having only 1 torrent in a queue will fasten the download, but i am wrong. it all depend on how many peers and seeders out there is helping u to download the file.

for example, for the file that i download only have 3 connected seeders, it will download faster than another file that have only 1 connected seeders. thus, having multiple download would not slows down your connection for the first download. i hope u understand that. as for peers, it helps u to upload the files.

in my utorrent right now, i am downloading 11 episodes of jdrama Maou, starring Ohno Satoshi and Toma Ikuta. at first, i only download it one by one, for the first 3 episode. while waiting for the 2nd to finish downloading, i became impatient and i started to queueing all the other 9 episodes. i did the speed test many times, but at that time i still thinking that 1 download at one time is sufficient. until i get curious how that my internet download manager can have faster download, so i check the setting. my broadband speed is only 384 kbps, but in the internet download manager, at the connection tab, it was set to 10 mbps LAN connection speed. something like that, as i may write it wrongly. so i change my speed in utorrent to 10 mbps, and i see that all my torrent starting to download. at first i was worried that it will be slow, but as i bserve, it was a good thing as what affect the download rate is how many seeders and peers u are connected now, my setting is for the most optimum setting, i change the speed to enable my torrent to have 8 active downloads. then, i can see all 8 downloads racing to finish the first. apparently, it is not the 4th episode which will finish first, but the 6th one.

before i realise this, i thought that accelerators and utorrent turbo can help me getting more speed, but now i have learn that those accelerators and turbos did practically nothing!!!

so, my advice, you doesn't have to install all that craps...i have uninstall those who have lots of experience said, it is better to refering to utorrents own speed guide than to install crappy turbos and accelerators...

that's all i want to share...chao2 miao!!

oh, F.Y.I, i download the torrent from d-addicts forum. all the best for torrent rooies out there!!!

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