Tuesday, February 9, 2010


i am all alone
sitting in my chair and sing
while having my dark chocolate drink im wondering
'why im here'
taking 5 minutes break
thinking back of past in life
i wonder if there are rest in the whole new world that i might break into

there is gotta be more to life
there gotta be more to see
sick of haing too much

there isn't a time when i am too much buzy
too much noise, to much acting i have to bear myself
when will i be someone that i really wanna me
is it me, or not me, where i am
am i confusing myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hate u hate u hate u
i don't care im not afraid of losing something
i have lost but that doesn't mean i will lost forever
lost thing can be found even better so i don't care about you

where did i stand now
in the midst of shitty people
where is my loving?
He is waiting at His door....

shit shit shit
is life all about shit???
we shit everyday, we shit every morning
it is good for your health
your life depends on shitting....

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